Friday, November 29, 2013

#117 Eddie Taubensee

About the Front: This is an incredible action photo of Eddie Taubensee tossing his mask and springing forth out of his crouch to snag a popup. His eyes track the ball, the sheen of his helmet shows a reflection of the mask, and the batter is forever both safe and out.

About the Back: Taubensee would reach his eighth big league season before hitting his only career walkoff home run. It was a ninth inning tiebreaker against Philadelphia's Darren Winston on April 27, 1998.

Triple Play:

1. The hilarious content of Eddie's B-R Bullpen Wiki entry in its entirety: "Nicknamed "The Model" because of the way he strutted his stuff on the runway when the Astros revealed their new uniforms in 1994."

2. Even Taubensee's turn on the catwalk couldn't ease the sting felt by Houston fans who saw him as the losing half of a trade that sent fleet center fielder Kenny Lofton to Cleveland.

3. He nearly doubled his previous career high in homers in 1999, when he belted 21 for the 96-win Reds. He also reached new heights with 87 RBI and a .311/.354/.521 triple-slash.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: Taubensee was always a fun name to say. "Taw-bin-see". Together with "Eddie", it's purely lyrical.

Bill James Said: "Taubensee throws a little better, but (Scott) Servais is probably a better defensive catcher."

On This Date in 1993: November 29. If you wish to catch a movie, your in-theatre options include Mrs. Doubtfire and Addams Family Values.

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  1. Very nice photo. I'm enjoying this blog -- I bought this set, looked at it once, and then put it in plastic sheets. It's cool to see the cards again.