Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#116 Mark Lemke

About the Front: My only regret is that we can't get a clearer look at what I'm almost certain are Rec-Specs on Mark Lemke's face. The better to safely see and hit the ball, my dear!

About the Back: That 1991 World Series recap sums up the strangeness and unpredictability of a best-of-seven series pretty well. Lemke had 15 career triples in 3,664 regular-season plate appearances; he never had three in a month, much less a four-at-bat span.

Triple Play:

1. Mark holds the record for most career plate appearahces without being hit by a pitch. I guess he wasn't a big target.

2. In May 1998, he collided with runner Chad Kreuter while trying to turn a double play and suffered a concussion that brought about the end of his major league career. The following season, he joined the independent New Jersey Jackals as an infield coach and...knuckleball pitcher. The results were not encouraging: 5-1 with a 6.68 ERA in 33.2 innings in 1999, and a dozen runs allowed in a single 2.2 inning appearance in 2000. He had 37 walks and only 20 strikeouts total.

3. Mark's still involved with the Braves, participating in the pregame show for the Braves Radio Network on WCNN-AM.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I can add Mark Lemke to the list of players much smaller than yours truly.

Bill James Said: "(A) Gold Glove-type second baseman who hits .250, has a little power and draws 65 walks...Well, that's a winning player."

On This Date in 1993: November 27. Joe Montana, sidelined for the past three weeks with a hamstring strain, declares himself ready to start at quarterback for the Chiefs in tomorrow's game against the Bills.

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