Friday, November 8, 2013

#103 Jody Reed

About the Front: Let's hear it for our second straight awkward photo! Jody Reed looks to me like he's jogging in place or marching in a parade rather than running out a ground ball.

About the Back: Jody Reed hit 129 doubles in a three-year span. That's surprising to me. Less surprising when you consider that he played half of his games at Fenway.

Triple Play:

1. Jody joined the Dodgers in 1993 and was underwhelming, batting .276/.333/.346 (88 OPS+) with 25 extra-base hits and 31 RBI in 132 games. For some reason, Los Angeles offered him a three-year, $7.8 million contract extension. Even more foolishly, Reed turned it down and chose to become a free agent. He ultimately settled for a one-year contract with the Brewers for $350,000. The Dodgers filled their hole at second base by dealing a young pitcher named Pedro Martinez to Montreal for Delino DeShields. What a comedy of errors.

2. Reed's teams made the postseason on three occasions (1988 and 1990 Red Sox, 1996 Padres), and were swept out of the playoffs every time. His participation in 11 postseason losses without a win is a record, as long as Joe Mauer (0-for-9 with the Twins) doesn't reach October again soon.

3. Jody has coached and managed in the minor leagues for the Yankees and Dodgers organizations.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: 5'9" with the first name "Jody"...I wonder if he was picked on in school.

Bill James Said: "He had 17 bunts last year, but still grounded into 16 double plays." That's...less than good.

On This Date in 1993: November 8. Paul McCartney releases Paul Is Live, a live album whose cover pokes fun at the decades-old urban legend surrounding his supposed death and the clues that could be gleaned from Beatles album covers, photographs, and songs.

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