Thursday, May 14, 2015

#426 Nigel Wilson

About the Front: Nigel Wilson's photo isn't very interesting, so I'll take this opportunity to talk about the Marlins uniform. I'm glad we've freed ourselves from the 1990s shackles of teal and purple as desirable color elements for team logos and uniforms. The cap and jersey lettering are already way too much teal, but wait until we get to the traded set and you get to see teal spring training jerseys, teal sleeves underneath the vests on the alternate home duds, and teal batting helmets. Thankfully the Marlins started incorporating more black into their scheme almost immediately.

About the Back: I didn't remember that Nigel was Canadian. I don't know if it's a more recent development, but it seems like the Blue Jays are always seeking out native Canucks to pump up local interest in the team.

Triple Play:

1. Wilson's father was a cricket player from Trinidad.

2. In cups of coffee with the Marlins and Reds, Nigel went hitless. His final shot at the big leagues came in September 1996 with the Indians. After an 0-for-25 skid to start his MLB career, he broke through with a pinch-two-run-homer on September 8, 1996. In all, he went 3-for-12 in Cleveland with a walk, a pair of home runs and five RBI, giving him a final career batting line of .086/.111/.257.

3. In 1997, he jumped to the Japanese League, where he enjoyed three seasons of 30-plus home runs for the Nippon Ham Fighters. On June 21, 1997, he became the second player in league history to go deep in four straight at-bats, joining the legendary Sadaharu Oh.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I recall a lot of hype about Wilson, primarily from the card companies. I guess that has something to do with him being Florida's first expansion draft pick.

Bill James Said: "In his September callup he went 0-for-16 and struck out 11 times, one of the least auspicious beginnings on record."

On This Date in 1993: May 14. William Randolph Hearst Jr., editor in chief of Hearst newspapers and son of the founder of the publishing empire, dies at age 85.


  1. As a kid in the 90's I thought these uniforms were the greatest thing ever. I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought a super teal Marlins hat that, for what ever reason, had another 90's stalwart embroidered on the side.....the Tazmainian Devil

  2. I think the Blue Jays have always scouted Canada a bit more extensively than the other teams, assigning an extra scout up there. Smart on their part

  3. Andy - Yeah, I owned two Marlins caps and a teal jersey myself. I'm knocking it because I've tried it.

    Jeff - They've got at least three Canadians on their current roster (Russell Martin, Michael Saunders, Dalton Pompey - though Pompey's the only one who's homegrown).