Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#425 Joe Girardi

About the Front: Expansion Player Backdrop Number Two is a brick wall. I can only imagine how poorly rated "Joe Girardi's Def Comedy Jam" would be.

About the Back: Do you suppose that Joe's engineering professors at Northwestern thought he was wasting his potential by playing baseball?

Triple Play:

1. He caught Dwight Gooden's no-hitter on May 14, 1996 and David Cone's perfect game on July 18, 1999.

2. At age 35, Joe was a surprise All-Star selection in 2000, as he batted .302/.374/.415 for the Cubs in the first half before slumping down the stretch.

3. He has worked as an analyst on Yankee broadcasts, and also coached for New York. As a rookie manager in 2006, he led the Marlins to a 78-84 record, keeping them in contention for much of the season despite having the league's lowest payroll. He was named NL Manager of the Year, and promptly fired by meddling team owner Jeff Loria. Girardi has managed the Yankees since 2008, piloting the club to a World Series win over the Phillies in 2009.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I had no idea that Girardi would become an Oriole adversary as the joyless, sour-faced manager of the Yankees.

Bill James Said: "A truly awful player, even for an expansion team. He hit .290, but that's .266 if you adjust for the park, and there was no production there - no power, no walks, no runs, no RBI."

On This Date in 1993: May 13. Romelu Lukaku is born in Belgium. He will go on to play professional football (soccer) with Chelsea and Everton, and represent his native country in the World Cup.


  1. Having heard Girardi interviewed countless times on WFAN et al, you have no idea how apt that Def Comedy Jam line is. Humorless seems too soft a word for his demeanor, and not in a fun, mocking way like Bill Belichick, he's just a dull unfunny guy.

    1. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but there are exceptions to prove the rule. Joe looks like he sucks on lemons.