Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#342 Erik Hanson

About the Front: Could Erik Hanson look any less at ease? I'm also wondering if the bat rack behind him is full of wax-coated paper cups. Baseball players tend to do crap like that when they're bored.

About the Back: Unfortunately for Erik, there was another 17-loss season in his future. He went 13-17 with a 5.41 ERA for Toronto in 1996, but avoided leading the American League in losses for a second time thanks to Jim Abbott's disastrous 2-18 mark.

Triple Play:

1. In 1990, Hanson became the first righty pitcher in Seattle history to strike out 200 batters.

2. While pitching for the Red Sox in 1995, he made the All-Star team for the only time in his career. He was 7-2 with a 3.60 ERA at the break, and finished 15-5 with a 4.24 ERA.

3. Erik last pitched in the majors in 1998, choosing not to endure Tommy John surgery and rehabiliation on torn ligaments in his right elbow. He soon took up golf, and is a talented amateur.
11-Year-Old Kevin Says: That "M's" baseball logo is pretty silly in hindsight. Of course, my favorite team still includes "O's" as part of its branding...

Bill James Said: "If you're looking at me to explain the trade, look somewhere else." The Mariners had just traded Hanson, a year away from free agency, to Cincinnati along with rookie second baseman Bret Boone. In return, they received reliever Bobby Ayala and rookie catcher Dan Wilson.

On This Date in 1993: December 16. The Brazilian Supreme Court bans ex-President Fernando Collor de Mello from holding any political office until 2000 due to corruption.

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