Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#337 Kirt Manwaring

About the Front: This is a pretty good shot of Kirt Manwaring jumping up from his crouch to field a bunt, but the choice to crop only half of the Expos batter is lame. Either zoom in and give us a solo photo of the catcher, or zoom out and let us see the entire scene.

About the Back: The inclusion of that caught-stealing stat from AA is baffling for two reasons: first, Manwaring played for Shreveport in 1987, not 1989; second, a 33% rate is not noteworthy in and of itself.

Triple Play:

1. In 1993, he threw out 45.9% percent of would-be base stealers and had a .998 fielding percentage and a defensive WAR of 2.4. These were the best marks across the board for a National League catcher, and resulted in Kirt's only career Gold Glove.

2. The penultimate of Manwaring's 21 career home runs was hit on July 15, 1999 - his 34th birthday.

3. He is currently the minor league catching coordinator for the Giants.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: "Kirt", as in "dirt", is a weird way to spell that name.

Bill James Said: "I still don't believe he is any kind of a hitter, but the Giants had a great year with him catching, so it will take him years to play himself out of a job."

On This Date in 1993: December 9. Alternative rockers The Verve Pipe release their album Pop Smear, which I mention only because of its disturbingly punny title.

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