Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#436 Greg (W.) Harris

About the Front: Greg Harris is wearing a patch on his left sleeve to commemorate the 1992 All-Star Game, which was played in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium.

About the Back: The 11-strikeout game for Harris on September 25, 1988 came in his second MLB apperarance and first start. It was also the only double-digit strikeout game of his career; his next-highest total in K's was eight.

Triple Play:

1. On August 10 and August 15, 1991, he pitched back-to-back shutouts, winning each by a score of 1-0. These were the only two shuouts of his career.

2. Greg's career truly ran aground after a mid-1993 trade to the Rockies. From that point forward, he went 4-25 with a 6.90 ERA for Colorado and Minnesota, and he was 31 years old when he pitched in his last MLB game for the Twins in 1995.

3. In 1999, Harris won a multimillion-dollar verdict against former surgeon Gary Losse, having successfully argued that the doctor botched his shoulder surgery and prematurely ended his career.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: Lesson #2 in keeping the pitching Gregs Harris straight. Greg W. Harris is three inches taller, fifteen pounds heavier, eight years younger, and more clean-shaven than Greg A. Harris.

Bill James Said: "Harris led the league in runs allowed (127), home runs (33), and slugging percentage (.455), but Greg Maddux would have a hard time posting a good record for this team in this park."

On This Date in 1993: June 10. I haven't done a Calvin and Hobbes strip in a while. I bet Calvin's dad would have hated smart phones.

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