Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#369 Jaime Navarro

About the Front: Blue cap, blue jersey, blue long-sleeved undershirt, blue glove, blue backdrop...I hereby dub this Jaime Navarro card the bluest card in this set.

About the Back: Those 17 wins, three shutouts, and 246 innings pitched in 1992 were all career highs for Jaime.

Triple Play:

1. His father was Julio Navarro, a reliever for the Angels, Tigers, and Braves (1962-1966, 1970). They were the first father-son duo to each record an official save in the major leagues.

2. Jaime put together consecutive solid seasons for the Cubs in 1995-1996 (29-18, 3.62 ERA, 116 ERA+) before falling apart in a three-year stint with the crosstown White Sox (25-43, 6.06 ERA, 76 ERA+).

3. Navarro has coached in the Seattle organization since 2008, including a stint as the Mariners' big league bullpen coach.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: It took me a while to distinguish the name "Jaime" from "Jamie". Taking Spanish classes in middle and high school helped with that.

Bill James Said: "A short summary of Navarro's 1993 season: he got the bejeezus beaten out of him."

On This Date in 1993: February 3. The federal trial of four LAPD officers charged with civil rights violations in the videotaped assault of Rodney King opens in Los Angeles.


  1. I was always the Brewers in Hardball 94 for the PC.....I guess I liked a challenge....Navarro would always get shelled when he was my SP.

  2. Andy - I loved the Hardball games. I still remember updating the rosters for Hardball 3 two or three years after I got it.

  3. I still play it once in awhile, amazingly it still works, albeit without sound. Still one of the greatest baseball games ever in my humble opinion.