Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#355 Brady Anderson

About the Front: The sideburns. That's all you need for a classic Brady Anderson card.

About the Back: I lived in Silver Spring for a few months in my mid-twenties. It was also the birthplace of standup comedian Lewis Black.

Triple Play:

1. In 1996, Brady had one of the great fluke home run seasons in history, slugging 50 homers and also reaching career highs in runs (117), RBI (110), and batting average and slugging percentage (.297/.637). He had only 210 total home runs in his career, and otherwise his season high was 24 in 1999.

2. He played 1,759 of his 1,834 career games in Baltimore, and ranks in the top five on several of the team's offensive leaderboards. His 307 stolen bases are the most by any Oriole.

3. Anderson is currently the Orioles' Vice President of Baseball Operations. He has an active and varied role with the team, weighing in on player training and fitness, personnel decisions, and more.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: All of the ladies fawned over Brady. I mean, how many big leaguers had a beefcake poster like this one?

Bill James Said: "Not a big star, but with a .363 on-base percentage, 57 extra-base hits, some stolen bases and good defense in left, he's the kind of multi-faceted player who wins championships."

On This Date in 1993: January 13. The space shuttle Endeavour launches from the Kennedy Space Center, leaving Earth for the third time.


  1. Adding to the fluky 1996, I think he's the only player to have a 50 HR season and a 50 SB season.

  2. Jeff - I found out in my research that Barry Bonds stole 52 bags in 1990, so it's a two-man club. But Brady's the only player with both a 20 HR/50 SB and a 50 HR/20 SB season.