Thursday, September 18, 2014

#283 Mike Jackson

About the Front: Unlike Michael Bolton, the character in Office Space, Michael Jackson chose to go by "Mike" to avoid irritating quips about the pop singer. Okay, maybe that's not the actual reason for his nickname, but it couldn't hurt.

About the Back: I wonder if Mike ever combined his hobbies. Synchronized swimming, anyone?

Triple Play:

1. Jackson and Paul Assenmacher tied for the most pitching appearances in the 1990s with 644. The former's total of 1,005 career games pitched currently ranks 14th in MLB history.

2. He spent two seasons as Cleveland's primary closer, saving 40 games in 1998 and 39 in 1999. In each season, he ranked fourth in the American League in saves.

3. Mike faced Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire a total of 49 times, and neither slugger ever collected an extra-base hit off of him. McGwire had three singles and seven walks in 29 tries, and Sosa went 2-for-17 with a pair of walks.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I'm sure I was blown away by the fact that Jackson pitched in 81 games in 1993. That's a full half of the Giants' schedule, after all! Imagine my surprise when I learned that Mike Marshall appeared in 106 games with the 1974 Dodgers.

Bill James Said: "Led the major leagues in game appearances, with 81, and holds, with 34."

On This Date in 1993: September 18. Frasier debuts on NBC. The Cheers spinoff, starring Kelsey Grammer, will air for 11 seasons and earn 37 Emmy awards.


  1. Max - A few years ago the Orioles' AA affiliate (Bowie Baysox) had an Office Space night:

    "What this means is there will be clips from the movie shown throughout the evening, and there will be a "Flair Contest" featuring pins and buttons and all that, and some employees will be wearing short-sleeved button-down shirts and suspenders and ties. But primarily what this means is that, for $1, you'll be able to take an enthusiastic whack at used office equipment with a wooden baseball bat. (The money goes to the families of Virginia Tech victims; they will receive money from lots of sources, but this has to be one of the weirdest.)"

    I really regret not going to that game.