Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#247 Frank Seminara

About the Front: That hands-over-the-head windup isn't something I'm used to seeing in more contemporary times. Did Frank Seminara actually pitch like that, or was he just goofing off during warmups?

About the Back: Those 16 wins and 1.90 ERA led the Carolina League in 1990, earning Frank the league's Pitcher of the Year honors.

Triple Play:

1. He allowed a single unearned run on three hits and three walks in seven innings on September 24, 1992, as San Diego topped Houston 7-1.

2. After posting a 5.40 ERA through six starts to begin 1993, he was bumped from the Padres' rotation. Aside from a spot start in June, he didn't return to the majors until being recalled in September for relief work.

3. Frank made 10 uneven relief appearances for the Mets in 1994 in his last shot in the big leagues. After splitting 1995 between the Brewers' and Orioles' AAA clubs, he was out of baseball.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: 9-4 and a 3.68 ERA would probably have impressed me, especially coming from a rookie. I would've been shocked to see him disappear within two years...of course, it wouldn't have occurred to me to look at his 4.1 BB/9 IP and 5.5 K/9.

Bill James Said: "I'm inclined to think that they pulled the plug on him a bit too quickly, as his ERA for the season wasn't that far from the National League norm, but he throws funny--if you can imagine somebody shot-putting a ball sidearm you'll have it--and people who throw funny don't inspire confidence from the management." Well, I guess that answers my question about his windup.

On This Date in 1993: July 9. Quite a day for movie premieres! We've got In the Line of Fire (Eastwood vs. Malkovich!), Weekend at Bernie's II, and Rookie of the Year. The last of those three films is quite possibly the best movie ever made in the genre of prepubescent boy breaks his arm/discovers he can throw in excess of 100 mph once it heals/goes on to pitch for the Chicago Cubs.

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