Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#239 Mike Boddicker

About the Front: There's something really odd about seeing Mike Boddicker with a mustache.

About the Back: To date, Mike is still the last pitcher to post a 20-win season for the Orioles.

Triple Play:

1. Boddicker's 14-strikeout, five-hit shutout of the White Sox in Game Two of the 1983 ALCS earned him MVP honors for the series. In Game Two of the World Series, he permitted only three Phillies hits, but an Eddie Murray error saddled him with an unearned run.

2. The Orioles made out pretty well when they traded Mike to the Red Sox in mid-1988, getting Brady Anderson and Curt Schilling in return.

3. Today he owns five hunting farms in Iowa and Kansas totaling over 700 acres and featuring plenty of deer and wild turkeys.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: Mike's 1985 Topps base and All-Star subset cards were two of the few cards from that set that I owned in childhood. The base card wound up being the first card I ever got signed through the mail...in 2008.

Bill James Said: "The league hit .338 against him, which will strain your relationship with your agent, among other things."

On This Date in 1993: June 24. The Padres trade Gary Sheffield and Rich Rodriguez to the Marlins for Trevor Hoffman, Andres Berumen, and Jose Martinez.

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