Thursday, May 1, 2014

#206 Henry Cotto

About the Front: This is the most majestic pose I've ever seen from a runner standing on second base. Henry Cotto is stylin' and profilin'.

About the Back: Though Henry was born in the Bronx, his family was from Puerto Rico and moved back to the island three months after his birth.

Triple Play:

1. This should make you squirm. In May 1985, Cotto was sitting on the bench during a game and cleaning his ears with a Q-tip. Ken Griffey, Sr. bumped into Henry, who suffered a punctured eardrum.

2. In 1992, Henry was 23-of-25 in stolen base attempts, a league-best 92% success rate.

3. He began a coaching career in 1996, spending many years instructing players in the Mariners organization.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I remember Cotto signing with the Orioles prior to the 1994 season, but he didn't make the club. Google tells me that he was on a minor-league deal, so the O's released him from his contract in February when the Yomiuri Giants offered him a million dollars to play in Japan.

Bill James Said: "He can play all three outfield positions fairly well, is an excellent baserunner, and has hit .293 against lefthanded pitchers over the last four years (177 for 605)."

On This Date in 1993: May 1. Former Prime Minister of France Pierre Beregovoy dies at age 67 shortly after being found with two bullet wounds in his head. It is believed that he has taken his own life.

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