Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#204 Dan Pasqua

About the Front: Oh, those square-framed, oversized glasses. Dan Pasqua was a vestige from decades gone by, in which a large number of major leaguers looked like wood shop teachers or somebody's middle-aged dad.

About the Back: Dan's a fairly handsome dude under all of that glass. If only he'd found a pair of contact lenses that suited him.

Triple Play:

1. Pasqua faced Mike Moore 60 times, more than any other pitcher. He punished Moore to the tune of .429/.450/.696 with six doubles, three home runs, and 13 RBI.

2. Dan spoiled Danny Darwin's no-hit bid at Fenway Park on August 18, 1993 with a one-out triple in the eighth inning. It was the only three-bagger he hit that season, and the last of his career.

3. He was a minor-league teammate of John Elway (1982 Oneonta Yankees) and Michael Jordan (1994 Birmingham Barons).

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I remember nothing about Pasqua except for those glasses. Probably some residual self-loathing from my awkward bespectacled adolescent self.

Bill James Said: "Pasqua hit 11 to 20 homers a year from 1986 through 1991, but has had hamstring problems over the last two years, hasn't played as much and hasn't hit much of anything."

On This Date in 1993: April 29. The classic Simpsons' episode "Whacking Day" airs, featuring guest star Barry White.

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