Thursday, February 6, 2014

#157 Gary Disarcina

About the Front: Yeah, Gary, I don't think you're gonna get Kenny Lofton this time. If we're assuming Lofton was safe, which I clearly am, the game can be narrowed down to either May 1 or May 2, 1992.

About the Back: Though Disarcina (the "s" is not capitalized, Topps!) debuted in 1989 and appeared in the majors in 1990 and 1991 as well, he played sparingly enough that he didn't make it into Topps' flagship set until 1993. Even rookie-mania had its limits.

Triple Play:

1. Gary was an All-Star in 1995, batting .307 with 28 doubles in 99 games.

2. He wore #33 for five seasons as a nod to Celtics legend Larry Bird.

3. Disarcina will return to the Angels as third base coach in 2014.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: This wouldn't have occurred to me in those days, but Garys were already becoming an endangered species in the major leagues. As of this writing, there has not been a "Gary" in MLB since 2010, when reliever Gary Majewski and outfielder Gary Matthews, Jr. were last active.

Bill James Said: "He's pretty much Dick Schofield all over again, a good defensive shortstop but a .240 hitter without too much else to brag about." By the end of his career, Gary got that average up to .258 lifetime, but his noted lack of power and walks left his career OPS+ at a dismal 66.

On This Date in 1993: February 6. Tennis legend Arthur Ashe dies at age 49 due to AIDS-related pneumonia.

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