Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#142 Charlie Hayes

About the Front: Charlie Hayes' fatal flaw as a third baseman was his tendency to do his impression of a velociraptor at inappropriate times.

About the Back: What kind of dancing? Ballroom, tap, jazz, breakdancing? You have simply got to be more thorough, Topps.

Triple Play:

1. Hayes was the second player chosen by the Rockies in the 1993 Expansion Draft. He rewarded the club with a career year: .305/.355/.522, 25 home runs, 98 RBI, and a league-leading 45 doubles.

2. Charlie played for seven different teams, and had return stints with three of them: the Giants, Yankees, and Phillies.

3. His son Tyree pitched in the minors for six years in the Rays and Reds organizations, never reaching AA.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: I'm going to let my friend Mikey pinch-hit here. He grew up in New Jersey as a Yankee fan, and though we didn't meet until college, he referred to Hayes as "Chuck E. Cheese" whenever the name came up. I assume that's a relic from childhood.

Bill James Said: "Maybe they should trade him again; he seems to get 10 percent better every time he is traded."

On This Date in 1993: January 15. Mafia boss Salvatore "the Beast" Riina, is arrested in Sicily after 23 years as a fugitive.


  1. cook and hayes were 2 of the players traded to the phillies from the giants for steve bedrosian in 1989, and they were consecutive numbers in 1993 topps. what are the odds?

  2. Dan, maybe someone at Topps was fascinated with that trade. You never know.