Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#120 Ramon Martinez

About the Front: Here's another good example of a photo fit for its horizontal orientation. Ramon Martinez looks like he's bent down low so he doesn't hit his head on the top border of the card.

About the Back: I have a vague notion of 1990 as a rare pitcher-dominated season in its decade, but I'm still surprised to see 20 wins and 223 strikeouts for Martinez.

Triple Play:

1. Today Ramon is perhaps best known as Pedro's big brother. The younger Martinez will be appearing several hundred cards from now.

2. On June 4, 1990, Martinez struck out 18 Braves in a three-hit shutout.

3. Ramon is currently a senior advisor in Latin America for the Dodgers.

11-Year-Old Kevin Says: He was so skinny, with long arms and legs, that he appeared even taller than his listed height of 6'4".

Bill James Said: "Pitches substantially better with long rest than on four days rest." In 1993, this holds true: 1-6, 4.02 ERA with four days rest; 9-6, 3.15 ERA with five or more days rest. His overall career stats don't indicate strong splits, though.

On This Date in 1993: December 4. A sad day for music fans, as Frank Zappa died at age 52 of prostate cancer.

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